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The Hong Kong Tai Chi Comprehensive Association

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To promote authentic tai chi as a popular exercise for people of all ages in order to achieve the following objectives.

    Developing and disseminating the spirit of tai chi as a means of healthy activity.
    Communicating with other Tai Chi Families for exchanging experience and for promoting the essence, energy and spirit of life.
    Teaching tai chi with earnestness and modesty in order to maintain a harmonious community.
    Teaching every genuine tai chi movement to the point with its theory and in harmony with breathing. Every movement is led by the thought, which gives rise to the air which leads to the force.


The originator of tai chi was Master Chen Wang Ting, a villager of Chen Jia Gou Village in Honan Province, China. In the village lived 600 families with a population of 2,500. People of all ages in Chen Jia Gou played the original tai chi, the Chen family Tai Chi. Later on there were other tai chi families, such as the Yang Family, the Wu Family and the Sun Family. The tai chi of these families was originated from the Chen Tai Chi Family. Since Master Chen Wang Ting’s generation, the Chen Family tai chi technique has been passed down from generation to generation. In Chen Jia Gou Village, there were many celebrated tai chi experts. Master Chen Yu’s grandfather, Master Chen Fa’ke, had earned the title of ‘Tai Chi No. 1 Man’ after he had beaten all his opponents in 17 tournaments in Beijing during 17 days running. Now Master Chen Yu is the consultant of The Hong Kong Tai Chi Comprehensive Association. He comes to demonstrate tai chi at the annual dinner party marking the association’s anniversary. Occasionally he flies to Hong Kong from Beijing to correct tai chi participants’ movements and holds tai chi seminars or gives lectures about tai chi.


About us
Master Chan Wan Kit,the supervisor founded The Hong Kong Tai Chi Comprehensive Association. Master Chan has been practicing and teaching tai chi for more than thirty years. He is the 12th inheritors of the Chen Family Tai Chi and is the first disciples in Hong Kong of the famous Tai Chi Master Chen Yu, the 11th inheritor. Master Chen Yu’s grandfather was Master Chen Fa’ke , the ‘ Tai Chi NO. 1 Man’ . Now Master Chen Yu is the consultant of The Hong Kong Tai Chi Comprehensive Association.
Master Chan Wan Kit during 2003 to 2006 was teaching tai chi in China and donated all the school fees to help the children in the mountain areas. Occasionally he performs tai chi handform , tai chi sabre and tai chi sword to raise funds for charity organizations.


What is tai chi ?
Tai Chi is an exercise suitable for all ages. It can strengthen our physique and keep us healthy . Tai chi is also a martial art.  A Tai Chi expert can use a little soft force to win/defeat his opponent with a force ten times greater.
Pains result from blood circulation blockage.  Smooth blood circulation never causes pains.
 Relaxation helps blood circulate smoothly throughout the whole body and makes the body free from pains.
According to the study of the Chinese physicians, if the blood circulation and ‘qi’( life energy) circulate smoothly inside the body, there will be no pains, or vice versa.  In other words our bodies must get totally relaxed by playing tai chi to let blood and ‘Qi’ move smoothly inside the body.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
A research from the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that practising tai chi for 30-45 minutes daily can prevent osteoporosis and the loss of calcium in the bones, can improve muscular strength and flexibility, can improve balance and the immune system. It can also prevent people from falling down easily, resulting in bone fractures.
While playing tai chi, one should breathe slowly, deeply and naturally. Thus practising tai chi can cure/prevent from having: asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, prostate disease and a number of unknown diseases.


8 Tai Chi Stages
The eight stages of learning tai chi at a steady pace were designed by The Hong Kong Tai Chi Comprehensive Association from elementary levels ( Level 1 to Level 3) to advanced levels( Level 4 to Level 8). The elementary levels focus on basic tai chi techniques. The advanced levels focus on learning every practical tai chi movement to the point and understanding the key points and theory of the movement. Apart from learning the tai chi techniques, participants should have the basic knowledge of Chinese culture and a keen sense of morality.

As a token of encouragement, certificates of achievements will be awarded to participants who have met the assessment requirements of the assessors.


Master Chan Wan Kit ,the supervisor has  been practicing and teaching tai chi for more than thirty years. He is the 12th inheritor of the Chen Family Tai Chi and is the first disciple in Hong Kong of the famous Tai Chi Master Chen Yu, the 11th inheritor.


Tai Chi Courses
Teaching groups or individuals tai chi of the Chen Family, the Yang Family and the Sun Family.
Tai chi courses include handforms, the saber ,the sword, the kung fu fan, the club, the spear, stance, pushing hands, quigong (breathing exercise), application of tai chi for self-defense and prevention of sex harassment.


Participants' Feedback
Miss Law (medical sector) had joint pains in the arms and legs for a long time. By chance she learnt tai chi. After having practised tai chi for 3 months, her joint pains were cured. Now her mind is more alert. 

Miss Wong ( Jeweler Sector) had gastric discomforts, neck and spine impairment and insomnia. She could not fall asleep until 5 am. Sleeping pills couldn’t work. After having learnt tai chi and breathing exercise, now she has completely recovered and can fall asleep at 12 midnight.
Mr. Lee Chi Keung ( Education Sector) was suffering from fatigue due to the great pressure of his work and had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglyceride. After having practiced tai chi and breathing exercise for 6 months, his conditions have greatly improved. He is now more energetic and more concentrated on his work.



  1. Master Chan Wan Kit is domonstrating simple authentic Chen Family Tai Chi handform.
  2. Master Chan Wan Kit is teaching Dr Kwok the Tai Chi Sabre.
  3. Participants are having Tai Chi class.
  4. Tai Chi class of self-defense and prevention of sexual-harassment.
  5. Master Chen Yu demonstrated Tai Chi at the association's anniversary banquet.
  6. In 2010 at the Grand Kung Fu Seminar Master Chen Yu showed how to encounter opponents by means of clenching small fists.
  7. In 2006 Master Chan Wan Kit demonstrated the tai chi sabre at the "anti-cancer" charity campaign.
  8. Master Chan Wan Kit is demonstrating the Chen Family Tai Chi.
  9. Master Chan Wan Kit is demonstrating the Yang Family Tai Chi.
  10. Tai Chi teacher Miss Law is demonstrating the Chen Family Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan.
  11. 2010 November 21, participants of our association, invited by the Eastern District Arts Council, demonstrated various tai chi forms in the Victoria Park.


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